These animatics were created by our DOP and assistant editor Serena. She created then using the music matched with our story board images to provide a rough idea of what we will aim of and how this will look in realistic terms. This idea was perfect to show a focus group, this would show what the intention for our atmosphere would be through the music but also the drawn up images would allow them to understand what shots we intend to use were and what images would be in the frames during which moment of the music.

When is starts with the production company logo that we created and then it moves on to the titles and how these would look, she listed what background colour they would be and how the font would look. In between the images show on the animatic she uses a zoom which shows the transition we would like to use between those shots.

Then she writes the shot title and how she is going to take this shot next in the film, the lighting is also commented on because this gives the audience an idea of the settings that we will use as well as the framings of the shots; a rough image is then given of the frame of the shot to develop the audiences ideas.

The monologue that we created and are using is then introduced, this is at the point that we hope to introduce the monologue after the setting has been introduced and the audience are more aware of their location.

The animatic continues to describe the setting, lighting, Mise-en-scene, camera the sound is developed and the editing is again commented on.

We then created a another animatic, this time we used our proper story board and it looked overall more professional. We would use this to show a focus group as the ideas on it are more visual and can help them picture it better as the images are better quality.

This is laid out in the same way and comments on all the aspect of the production of the final opening titles. However in some parts this lacks what the other animatic had. It doesn’t comment as much on the colours or the titles. However this is more clear on the editing techniques that we will use and it has more accurate music in comparison to the other animatic, which creates a better atmosphere.