For this task we decided to use a camera supplied by our teacher, because of the quality of this image, and this being the main task we want to make it look professional to make it of a high standard so it looks like a professional opening title sequence.

The camera we used ‘Canon LEGRIA HF G25’ this the camera, the qualities of this camera is:

  • Canon HD Video Lens
  • Canon’s advanced HD CMOS PRO sensor
  • Full manual control
  • Optical Intelligent IS
  • Audio Scene Select
  • 8.8cm touch screen LC
  • Instant AF; Face Detection
  • Protective lens hood
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 2x SDXC slots

Before we took this camera out around school, the purpose of this was to try and figure out how to use the camera and effectively, so we could see the angles that light most enters the shutter and how the image stabilization works when filming, to see if we needed a tripod of some scenes (however being a thriller we want some shots to be shaken and jolty)

We used our DOP, Serena to mainly test this out because she will be the one that uses it most and will have to be most familiar with it. She took the camera both inside and outside to look and test out the quality of it in both settings as we will be filming in an open space and in the shed which is more enclosed. We have also taken the camera both inside and outside because of the different lighting, which means that we can see the difference that it picks up in both natural and artificial lighting.